Paragliding Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia
Paragliding Sunshine Coast

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Articles and Stories
about Paragliding
Paragliding Stories

Paraglider Acceleration
via your Speed System

(by Jorg Fedler)

Pilots who are acquainted with paragliders know what a speed system is. But how many pilots do use it for maximum efficiency in flight? How many pilots do use it at all, except in situations where they have to because of strong winds?... Do we all know how to expertly trim this accelerator to bring everything into harmony? This article tries to explain the correct and safe usage of the “gas pedal” ... read more


(by Jorg Fedler)

Did you know that our atmosphere generates 2,000 Thunderstorms at any given time which add up to 45,000 a day? (sources Dennis Pagen "Understanding the Sky") ... read more

Paraglider Weightshift

(by Jorg Fedler)

Before paragliders saw the dawn of light, weight shift was a topic which where mainly a hang gliding "thing". Until the delta (hang glider) was the only aircraft that was supremely controlled by weight shift.
Very soon paraglider pilots experienced the great advantage of weight shift. And today nearly every experienced paraglider pilot controls his/hers canopy not only with breaks but applies weight shift in all kind of flying maneuvers. more

Crossing the Great Divide

by David Pearson [aka] Krusty

David Pearson can be reached under

It was task 5 on day 7 of "The Canungra Cup 2000 ", the area's first national paragliding competition, when I took the opportunity to cross the Great Dividing Range. The weather forecast for Friday 9 November indicated that the broad surface trough which had brought significant rainfalls to western districts of Queensland the day previously, was likely to move eastwards bringing showers and possibly thunderstorms. We were gathered on launch at Beechmont, and when the task was called, I didn't think it was possible. Given that the conditions looked terrible, ... read more

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