Paragliding Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia
Paragliding Sunshine Coast

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Courses and Pricelist

Chief Flying Instructor Jean Luc Lejaille 9 day course ( HGFA certified paragliding licence)
Jean-Luc Lejaille, chief flight instructor, senior safety officer for the Sunshine Coast, in association with the Sunshine Coast Hang gliding and paragliding club has been teaching since 1994. In order to achieve maximum safety and high standard of skills for students, he believes in personalised tuition, maximum 4 student p/class. The student dictates the pace of the course. It's not just what the instructor has said that is important but what the student has understood.

Courses Pricelist

Carlo Sandblow is a safe place to learn paragliding.
This will be the place where you will most likely begin with your first lessons.
We have chosen this location to achieve a maximum on safety for our students.

Pay As You Go System for certified paraglider pilots

Pay only for what you've got.
No advance payments.
The fairest payment system ever.

Pay as you go system As we work every flyable day you can do your course on your days off or weekend only with the pay as you go system:
First day intro: $250
Plus 7 days for $250/day
9th day FREE
Total cost: $2,000 (no charge if extra days needed)
9 day course includes:

- Workbook
- Tandem flight
- All equipment
- $400 voucher for new equipment purchase
10 days free of charge upon completion of your course and purchase of equipment:
- Introduction to new glider
- Introduction to club sites on the Sunshine Coast
- Supervision and tasks setting
- Pilot skills improvement

8 day courseIncluded are
10 days free of charge

instructions upon completion of your license like:
-Intro to new sites
-supervision and task setting to
improve your skills.

Para motor Endorsement

Paramotor Endorsement

Para motor Endorsement
From $600
email us for details
or call 0418-754 157 and
07-5486 3048

Paramotor EndorsementIncludes
provision of equipment

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