Paragliding Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia
Paragliding Sunshine Coast

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Paragliding Equipment

You are dealing directly with Paragliding Rainbow, the APCO Importer for Australia.

Save up to $AU1,000 on your paragliding outfit.

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We are the APCO Importer for Australia.

APCO Aviation is one of the world's biggest producers of paragliders, harnesses, parachute rescue systems and accessories and has been producing world-beating gliders for over twenty years. From paragliders like the high performance Extra, which still holds the World Distance Record, and the entry level Prima, a wing that has become a benchmark for many schools and instructors around the world, to the Mayday Emergency System which continues to save pilots on a regular basis.

11 World Records have been set on APCO gliders and over 30 000 gliders have been sold since 1982.

APCO is the only company who gives you a 3 years warranty on porosity for your canopy.

Paragliding Equipment

Rainbow Paragliding caters for all wallets:
We have many low budget second
hand kits/ equipment in stock.
Why not give us call on 0418-754 157

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