Paragliding Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia
Paragliding Sunshine Coast

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Fly Paraglider Tandem with Jean Luc and the Eagles

Fly Tandem
We will take you up for a flight of at
least 20 minutes to 30 minutes, for a

Price of $200, Book Now

and as long we do not have any prior booking or other schedules, we will extend your tandem flight for another 15 minutes for free.

We fly tandem since 1996
and have a 100% safety record.
Your flight can be a radical adrenalin buzz or
a mellow sight seeing sensation. Its up to you.

Experience the thrill of being disconnected from the ground and share the third dimension with the eagles. Feel the freedom of soaring the air.

Take videos or pictures during your flight or let us arrange photographs and videos for you.

We are passionate about flying and will stay up with you as long as possible. You may even want to enjoy a longer flight, and as long as we are not committed with other bookings or schedules and the conditions are favourable, we will be happy to extend your flight at no extra charge.

Carlo Sandblow

Tandem Passenger Guidelines

» no experience needed

» we accommodate various levels of fitnes and physical limitations

» maximum passenger weight 125 kg

» spectators most welcome

» Jean Luc will guide you throughout your flight and provide clear instructions about procedures

» if you wish, you can take control of the glider; step up your exhilaration

» all takeoffs and landings are done on soft sand.

So what's holding you back? Step out of the box and book your tandem flight HERE

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