Paragliding Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia
Paragliding Sunshine Coast

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We applied our latest technology and cumulative know-how to create the VISTA. A new DHV 1-2 Sports Class Intermediate. A delightful all-around wing with a free-style feel intended for a wide range of pilots and flying styles.

Thanks to its sophisticated hi-tech profile, the VISTA sports direct and effortless handling coupled with superb performance. Built-in Neodymium magnets and swivels on the brake handles exemplify our attention to detail.

New technology has been incorporated to continuously reduce the glider’s weight without sacrificing the durability of the cloth or construction. VISTA today is lighter than most rival gliders in its class and exhibits spotless launch and safety.

VISTA is equipped with Flexon® battens assuring perfect launch without any sign of deterioration during the life span of the glider. The battens also contribute to a extended speed range and improved performance. Bright, distinctive new color designs, inspired by the Twister, complement the VISTA

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