Paragliding Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia
Paragliding Sunshine Coast

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Paragliding Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia
Paragliding Sunshine Coast
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Sunshine Coast
Paragliding. Since 1995

Tahiti Flying

Tahiti Flying Tour 2012.
Secure your seat. Fly every day to cloudbase in June/July 2011.

The 2010 tour gave us 21 flying days out of 23. Limited to 7 pilots per tour. For details call Jean-Luc on:

0418-754 157 or 07-5486 3048 or simply send him an email.

Paragliding and Tandem FlyingTahiti Launch

Paragliding and Tandem Flying

Call us now on 0418-754 157 or 07-5486 3048 or simply send us an email.

David Tollner - Northern Territory Health Minister

I reckon that no matter what the vocation or sport, you can't beat knowledge, skill and experience. Jean Luc at Rainbow Paragliding has these attributes in spades. Jean Luc is one of the pioneers of paragliding in Australia and he is also an expert instructor. I found his high regard for safety, comforting and his deep knowledge of weather conditions, reassuring. Paragliding can be a dangerous sport but Jean Luc is good at teaching people how to know their limits and to practice skills that take much of the danger away. What's more he's a great bloke and a lot of fun to spend time with. I would recommend Jean Luc to anyone who wants to enjoy the thrills of paragliding in the safest possible manner - he knows his stuff!

David Tollner
Northern Territory Health Minister

I flew with Jean Luc several times. He is a certified chief flying instructor and operates Paragliding Rainbow. His impressive 100% safety record for 1,900 Tandem flights speaks for itself.

Flying Tandem with Jean Luc in Tahiti for 3 weeks gave me an awsome paragliding experience.
Cliff Perrin

Fastrack Contact

I have been flying most of my life from the Tiger Moth with my dad at age six to gliding and instructing in gliders to owning and flying my own light aircraft.
My decision to try paragliding late in life was something I was a bit hesitant in doing but I was lucky to choose Rainbow Paragliding.
Jean Luc understands my desire to succeed and my slower learning curve as the big 60 is just round the corner.
His safety first approach is something that I have always done with my flying and this has given me much confidence in his instruction.
I am nearly at the end of the Supervised Course and am looking forward to my Paragliding fun in the future.

Sorry for the rant but quality training needs to be recognised.

John Kearney

John Vista Paragliding Pilot

Jean Luc Lejalle Chief Flight Instructor

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